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Picasso Teardrop Earrings

Picasso Teardrop Earrings

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A monochrome black and grey set of earrings that matches any of my Picasso marble necklaces.

Named after the painter Pablo Picasso, this unique gemstone cabochon, with wide streaks of black, grey and occasional red, is found in the state of Utah in the United States. 

Picasso marble or jasper is said to make for an excellent meditation stone and promote inner clarity and interpretation of one's own thoughts.. Some people value Picasso jasper for its ability to renew lost friendships or to help guide during relationship transitions. This stone is most closely associated with the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Also a creative stone, Picasso jasper is believed to help break through blocks and aid an individual in manifesting their imaginative ideas.

Black Rhinestone chain  accents the cabochon. The beaded part of the earring measures 1.5". From top to bottom, they measure 2.5". The earwire is sterling silver.

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