About Cheryl

Meet the Artist

Cheryl McMillan is a part-time professional artist who finds inspiration in endless possibilities. Her jewelry is a harmonious blend of fabric, ribbon, glass and crystal. Each piece is uncharted territory, a spontaneous expression brought to life as beads are hand stitched, one at a time, to various backgrounds and form each unique design.

Cheryl loves to create statement jewelry that expresses the unique character of the wearer.

Cheryl is also a Vistage Master Chair, Certified Enneagram Teacher and Professional in the Narrative Tradition and Certified Heartmath Coach.

Make Your Statement

Statement jewelry allows you to express your unique personality. It is a distinctive, visible statement that conveys who you are.

The concept of statement jewelry is not new; it goes back thousands of years, when ancient civilizations would wear dramatic adornments for ceremonies and rituals or royalty would wear to show their status..

Today, you can wear Cheryl's modern day statement jewelry and accessories to present your true self to the world in bold, stylish and memorable ways.