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Picasso Bib Necklace Set

Picasso Bib Necklace Set

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A bold statement necklace with Picasso Jasper.

Picasso Jasper, also known as Picasso Marble, is a unique and visually striking variety of jasper found in Utah, USA. Its name derives from its resemblance to the abstract paintings of Pablo Picasso, with bold patterns of earthy colors like browns, blacks, grays, and occasional splashes of red or yellow. Each piece is a masterpiece of nature, with intricate patterns formed over millions of years by mineral deposits and geological processes. Picasso Jasper is believed to enhance creativity, stimulate imagination, and promote inner strength and vitality.

The huge center cabochon measures almost 3 inches. The necklace, designed to sit at your neckline, features cascading pear shaped cabochons tapering to small round stones near the back.

The necklace closes with a small, black toggle clasp and is lined with soft, high durability ultrasuede.

The earrings measure 2 inches long and close with a secure leverback post made from silver finished steel.

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